Reader Praise

A debut book presents a personal perspective on confronting cancer.

Know Your Enemy, A Guidebook for your Cancer Journey is a must-read for cancer patients and loved ones seeking information, support, and a path forward in their journey confronting cancer.



Management consultant Antonicelli had to battle against cancer with not one but two of his family members. This work is as much about the author’s own cathartic endeavor as it is a care manual for others. Distinguished by the fact that it is written by a caregiver, the volume is a call to arms for those facing cancer for the first time;

Antonicelli hopes it will help one “go from being ‘knocked down’ by the enemy to combat mode.” The author applies his own experiences to craft a short guide that is both informational and inspirational. While not extensive, the book contains guidance on such topics as putting together a team of family and friends, acquiring knowledge about specific types of cancer, and understanding the value of timing.

It is likely that cancer fighters will find the author’s model for a “battle plan” of particular interest; here, Antonicelli discusses how to define a plan’s basic elements using the simple process of “who, what, when, where, why, how.” He includes an example of a “short-term task plan” developed for use by his family. In addition, the four “Post-Cancer Guiding Principles,” if not unique, can still prove motivational: “1. Focus on the present. 2. Make time for people who make time for you. 3. Live for today. Carpe diem. 4. Always act decisively and with conviction.” The author describes each of these in further detail.

The brief chapters are concluded with bulleted points to remember and a blank page for Notes. It may well be that the most remarkable aspect of this heartfelt book is the unflaggingly positive attitude of the author, despite the loss of both his mother and wife to cancer. Antonicelli liberally uses quotes from luminaries as varied as Henry Kissinger, Vince Lombardi, and John Lennon to reinforce the optimism of his message. He concludes that, even when tragedy strikes, “you have the green light going forward with the next chapter of your life.”

Sincere, insightful, and compassionate; offers a modicum of advice for cancer family members and, more important, positive motivation and solace. —Kirkus Reviews


What Is Being Said about the Book

“As a cancer survivor, I am thrilled that Frank’s book is available for my patients—whether they are cancer patients or their caregivers—this book is an essential tool for navigating the unknown arena of cancer diagnosis and treatment.”
—Dr. Lee Morand

“It was my privilege to take care of Mrs. Antonicelli. I think it is fantastic that this book is a product of Frank’s experiences and can now help other families. It is an excellent guide through the complicated path of cancer—for both the patient and their family.”
—Ruchi Dash, MD

“We hear the word cancer and we enter a new and frightening world. We reach for our faith, the support of our family and friends, and another vital ally—knowledge about the path to come. Mr. Antonicelli has written a terrific book that helps us find that path. Lots of good information and advice and encouragement fill its pages.”
—Kathryn Peroutka, MD

“Anyone beginning their ‘journey’ with this disease (enemy) would benefit greatly from all that you have learned and shared. Being on the ‘other side’ of the battle, I would absolutely agree that counting on others and allowing them to support you (gathering your troops) is essential. The greatest weapon Steve and I shared was our faith and I know we could not have faced the surgeries, treatments, and struggles without our faith.”
—Anne Wagoner

“The comfortable layout in this book will have you easily going from cover to cover in only a few sittings. The information Frank presents would have been invaluable during the many years of my young daughter’s leukemia struggles while I was a single mother raising two other children.”
—Deborah Maguire

“As an oncologist who lost his own father to cancer, I truly believe this book is a much needed resource that will help to better inform and empower all of our patients and their families.”
—Paul Y. Song, MD

“Frank’s willingness to openly share his family’s struggle with cancer is to your benefit. You’ll find yourself saying, ‘Me too. That’s exactly what I’m feeling,’ quite often. If this book was available when my brother successfully fought stomach cancer, ten years ago, it would have made things much easier for our family.”
—Pete Weaver

I think that the book will not only be helpful but inspirational for any and all that are dealing with cancer presently, and will give forethought to those it may or may not ever effect personally. Regardless of who You are reading the book, the reader will walk away with a renowned knowledge that life is truly a gift and not to waste a second of it
—Tina Johnson

“This heartfelt and masterfully worded labor of love is both poignant and hopeful. The diagnosis and treatments of Cancer directly affects entire families as well as their support groups. It is practical and essential reading for spouses, children, family members, friends and even co-workers of anyone diagnosed with Cancer or other terminal diagnoses. I would not change a word.”
—Roy A. Williams, MD