What’s New – 2nd Edition

“I’m sorry but the tumor appears to be cancerous.”

Know Your Enemy Book Cover 

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If you or a loved one has been on the receiving end of this diagnosis, you know instantly that your life will never be same again. Know Your Enemy, A Guidebook for Your Cancer Journey is a must-read for first-time cancer patients and loved ones on their cancer journeys.

The inspiration for this book can be found in large part in the teachings of the great Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, and specifically the lines from his “Warrior Rules,” the inspiration for the book’s title:

If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

What is truly unique about this work, is that it is written from the perspective of a caregiver who confronted cancer with two different loved ones. The author hopes that the book will inspire first-time cancer patients with hope and a tangible plan for their work ahead of them. The author taps into his personal story and experiences to provide insights on topics such as acquiring knowledge about specific types of cancer, understanding the available resources available, building a cancer-fighting support network, developing a healing mindset, and understanding the difference between what is in our control and what isn’t.

Readers will ideally finish this book with a sense of optimism and motivation that they too, can confront and overcome cancer – whatever the outcome.

The new edition of Know Your Enemy is written with the perspective of time and healing since the author’s personal cancer journeys. New chapters are included discussing this perspective change and every “old” chapter has been altered in light of this. Informational chapters have also been updated to reflect new information about available resources to cancer patients and their caregivers.



This book is dedicated to a special group of individuals I view as the true warriors in our society today, the individuals engaged in a daily struggle against a formidable health opponent—cancer. These modern-day warriors are not playing a kids’ game; they are adults and children, patients and caregivers, and medical professionals faced with the daunting task of confronting a cowardly and menacing enemy—cancer—day in and day out, with everything they can muster.

To my mother Maxine R. Antonicelli, my wife Alyson C. Antonicelli, my “little buddy” Derek Johnson #223 personal friend and neighbor Stephen B. Wagoner, and all those who are walking their own cancer journeys.This book is dedicated to you, for you are true warriors, gladiators in the arena of life.

—Frank Antonicelli