How to Show Love When Life is Hard

Cancer affects every part of your life, changing the way you see the world and affecting your relationships. For some, it can be difficult to know what to say or do to support someone you love who is battling cancer, especially when a cancer patient is so devastated by the diagnosis that they withdraw from family and friends. For the cancer patient and their family, it can seem like the world is falling apart. But it doesn’t take grand gestures to support a cancer patient and their family. Sometimes, small acts of kindness can show how much you care and that you are there for someone in their time of need, whether it is cancer or some other life changing event. 

Talk About Something Else

Just because someone is battling cancer, or going through some kind of difficulty, doesn’t mean they want to talk about that struggle all the time. Everyone can use a mental break from the things that weigh heavily on us, so talk about something else with your friend or family member. Talk about sports, a favorite book or a movie. 


No one expects you to understand what they are going through. So when someone wants to vent about how they feel, just listen. Getting something off our chest can make a world of a difference to how we feel, at least for a little while. Don’t give advice and you don’t always have to offer positive messages. Sometimes a reassuring squeeze of the hand after a venting session is all they need. Your presence alone can show someone that you love them

Small Acts of Kindness

One of the surest ways to warm someone’s heart when they are feeling down is to do a small act of kindness for them. Whether it is washing the dishes, running a quick errand to the store or making lunch from them, it really is the little things that count. 

Radiate Positive Energy

For someone going through hard times, it is important to fill their environment with positive energy. This doesn’t mean avoiding negative things going on in your life or constantly showering them with cards. Rather, give gentle words of encouragement and smile. A smile is a great way to show someone a little love and to lift their spirits. 

Laughter is Good Medicine

Maybe we aren’t all amazing comedians but we can bring a smile to the face of someone we love with a corny joke, a funny memory or doing something silly together. Taking the time to focus on bringing a smile to someone else’s face shows you care about their happiness.

The Person Under the Pain

Don’t forget that there is still a person there under all that pain. Cancer and other diagnosis can change the way a person looks. It is important that you look past the physical changes and remind them that they are still the same person that you love. Perhaps tell them that are still beautiful or handsome to you.  

By doing little things, you can show someone that you care. And when we show we care about someone, we are sending them our love. We are telling them that we are here for them, no matter what.