On March 13, 2019, I published my first blog post, aptly titled…”Why blog?” As I said in this first post, I had resisted prior suggestions to “start blogging” but I felt the time was right for me in 2019. (As an FYI, this is the 35th blog posting on this site.) So now’s the time to ask … What are my new year goals for 2020?

What This Blog Is and Was

Going into 2019, I said that I would write about subjects that were universal in nature. I also said that I wanted the messages to be positive, motivational and authentic. I hoped that the topics would be inspirational, while staying far away from controversial subjects such as politics and religion. I believe that we have successfully achieved these objectives.

I wanted to create a conversational writing style so readers felt like they were sitting around the kitchen table with a group of friends discussing topics of the day. I believe that we have created this type of forum, as well.

All in all, I think I have met my new year goals for 2019 as it relates to this blog.

And I want to offer a special thanks to all my “teammates” in creating and maintaining this blog throughout 2019: Karin Bilich, Chris Cockreham, Valerie Morris and Mike Lazear. They are an all-star team.

New Year Goals for 2020

Now, as another year winds down, it’s customary for many, including myself, to reflect on the past and begin to envision where they see themselves in the New Year.

I’m going to leave the year in review up to the readers and focus instead on questions for readers to assess going into 2020.

• Where do you see yourself in the New Year?

• Do you have a clear vision for the upcoming year?

• Do you have clarity of purpose for the New Year?

• Is your path for the future crystal clear?

• Do you envision a bright future?

Your answers to these questions should help to bring 2020 into focus for you…pun intended! ; )

As for myself, I actually plan to start a second blog in 2020. It will be similar in its conversational tone and its hope to uplift and inspire others. But it will focus on my Parkinson’s and what I’ve learned from that journey. If you’re interested in following me there as well, sign up here.

Wishing all a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2020! May all your new year goals come to fruition.

33 thoughts on “New Year Goals: Setting Your Sights on 2020”

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