The Power of Community In A Cancer Battle

One of our natural tendencies when we find out hard news is to pull away from others. It is easy to get stuck in a mindset or feel depressed and sometimes the last thing we want is to drag other people down. If I’ve learned anything in my experiences with cancer battles, it is that you need other people. And, you know what? They need you too.

Arm Yourself For Cancer Battle With Others

Enlisting your foot soldiers can be powerful because it reminds you that you aren’t alone. A diagnosis of any kind can often feel isolating, and even if the people around you aren’t processing a cancer diagnosis, their presence alone can help remind you that you aren’t alone. Don’t let the lies of disease trick you into believing that others don’t care or won’t understand. 

Friends Can Help You Meet Practical Needs

Practically speaking, you will finding yourself in situations where you simply need some help. You will be tired, worn out, and need an extra hand to simply help you get to the next step in the fight. This applies to caregivers as well! We simply need each other and I’ve never seen that more than in the middle of a cancer battle. Enlist your troops to help you with the practical aspects of life because you will need it at some point. 

Cancer Community Can Be Sweet

When you’re walking through something like cancer, you have a unique bond with anyone else who has ever had a similar diagnosis. You’re part of a special club, whether you like it or not. You’ll feel a special kindred spirit with anyone who has heard those difficult words. Those who haven’t had cancer will never fully relate. There is a lot of wealth you can glean from others who are part of this special community. 

Let Others Love You

The more you open up to others about your diagnosis, the more support you will find. People love to help, especially in times of illness. Let others use their gifts to bless and support you. Have you ever considered that you are denying people of living out their purpose when you deny their support and gifts of time, love, or even money? It’s a lot easier to accept help and love from others when you start to view their offers in this way. Love has this amazing power to change everything if you let it. 

When you are walking through something hard like cancer, one of the best things you can do is embrace the community you already have around you, and seek out community that can help you fight strong! You don’t need to fight cancer alone. You can fight stronger, smarter, and more hopeful when you walk with others by your side.

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